Supertech X-ray Calculator

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SCU is proud to be an Authorized Licensed Re-seller of Supertech Slide Rule Products

Version XI of the Slide Rule, the most current version

Using your Supertech Slide Rule is as easy as ABC

Step A

  • Select the exam.

  • Measure the Patient through the Central Ray. You are working in cm.

  • Move the Large Slider until the correct Patient Size in cm thickness is in the opening which corresponds to the exam.

  • Black opening is for Adult
  • Red opening is for Pediatric

Step B

  • Input the Correction Factor

  • You will take test X-rays to determine your Machine Correction Factor. This may be adjusted further by other factors playing into the specific exam you are doing.

  • Complete instructions for determining and adjusting the correction factor are provided.

Step C

  • Turn the Slide Rule Over, Select kV and mA.

  • From the Selected kV, move right until you are in the column for the selected mA.

  • Where the kV and mA intersect is the box which tells your exposure time in fraction and in decimal. On that same line to the far right tells you the MAS which corresponds to the technique you have selected.