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PerformTex™ FTO Kinesiology Tape Scissors with Case

PerformTex™ FTO Kinesiology Tape Scissors are made with premium grade stainless steel and balanced for precision cutting. The razor sharp blades are designed with a florin-resin coating that counters the build-up of adhesive. From narrow strips to rounded corners, these FTO Scissors are for the precise cutting of your PerformTex™ Tape - and other athletic tapes as well. Additionally, PerformTex™ FTO Tape Scissors come in a protective clasped carrying case to pack them away safely.

  • Features:

    • Premium grade stainless steel
    • Designed to cut kinesio tape
    • Balanced for precision cutting
    • Protective carrying case included

    Package Includes:

    • PerformTex™ FTO Scissors with Case (Model PS-1)

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