Otoscope - Heine Beta Set A

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The BETA 200® 3.5V Diagnostic Set Includes:

  • 3.5 volt rechargeable Beta R Handle,
  • Beta 200 Otoscope,
  • Beta 200 Ophthalmoscope,
  • 1 set of reusable specula,
  • 10 disposable specula
  • Straight laryngeal mirror.

The Beta 200 Ophthalmoscope is based on the Heine spherical optical system which produces brilliant images of the retina without disturbing reflections of the cornea....Beta 200 Otoscope
The Beta 200 Otoscope features a 3.5 volt XHL (Xenon-Halogen) illumination light source for accurate examination. The entire unit is easy to maintain, while the metal construction guarantees years of hard daily use in clinics, hospitals and private offices.