Activator IV - Custom Blue EZ Grip

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A small and simple tool that provides a great amount of pain relief, the Activator IV Adjusting Instrument by Activator Methods International is perfect for relieving pain in a concentrated area. The pre-loaded spring allows the instrument to be used on tender areas of the body without causing pain. The Activator IV has comfortable handle design that provides improved control without discomfort for the user. Choose from a complete range of force settings, 1-4, for the most effective adjustment setting. Treat your patients with confidence when using the Activator IV.

Activator IV Adjusting Instrument Features

  • Custom Blue not sold ANYWHERE ELSE
  • Complete range of force settings between 1-4.
  • Pre-load spring makes the instrument gentle of tender areas.
  • Handle is comfortable for longer use.
  • Relieves pain in a concentrated area.